Solutions for Tratar Osteopenia

Osteopenia tends to affect susceptible individuals over the age of 40, though it can happen earlier. It is a condition of decreased bone density that is of a marked degree, just shy of the permanent osteoporosis. It is a warning sign that there is something wrong in the body. People want to know what causes it and there are many causes, so it may not be so easy to prevent.

Overall, it has to do with diet and lifestyle. Another factor is hormone levels. When women hit an early menopause, for example, estrogen drops so low that it takes only a short time for bone to lose density, eventually leading to osteoporosis if not treated. You have to get a bone density test in order to see what is going on.

There are no symptoms to osteopenia so that bone density test is vital. Your doctor will prescribe the test after a certain age and on a routine basis thereafter. It is very important that you go to all scheduled scans and, if you miss one, get another appointment as soon as possible. It is essential to catch the condition early for successful treatment.

tratar osteopenia

The science of tratar osteopenia is mainly done with lifestyle and diet changes. You have to cut out all the junk, the smoking, the alcohol, certain prescribed drugs, sodas, and other foods your physician recommends to remove. Then you need to engage in regular exercise along with stress-relief practices and that will help a great deal.

On top of this, it is a prime idea to use a good nutritional supplement that has all of the necessary nutrients for rebuilding bone. There are some great products on the market and you should check them out. You can check with your doctor to see what supplements are available or you can find something good online.

Your doctor may also prescribe medication for you to take. Though this is not always needed, you should consider it in order to avoid more serious problems. Most of these medications have been successful for many people. You may just want to try the nutritional and lifestyle changes first. Then you can get tested again after a time and see if it is worse or better.