The Benefits Of Quinoa And Its Origins

Quinoa is an authentic and exotic food source which is only catching on now. So, while this natural ingredient has been accessible to and used by indigenous population groups across the South American continent for thousands of years, not much is known to the rest of the world on the benefits of quinoa. So, this short note offers its readers a brief account thereof while providing an equally brief introduction to what has been billed by health food enthusiasts as a super food by way of enlightening readers to the organic food’s historic origins.

benefits of quinoa

And as a matter of interest, the ancient Incas labeled this natural food as their special mother of all foods. But in the unfortunate era of Spanish colonization between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Spaniards declared that quinoa was essentially a primitive food for local Indians. The colonists cruelly did everything in their existing powers to prevent the indigenous population groups under their control from planting natural and healthy crops that had been passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years.

Instead, the Spaniards spitefully and ignorantly forced locals to plant wheat instead. How tragic and interestingly ironic to today’s times where greater awareness on what healthy natural foods are still available for consumption, what they do for the body and mind and where they fit in as natural and better supplements to traditional, processed food sources that have done considerable damage to a growing number of people’s immune systems.

Did you ever have that bloated feeling in you after you have just completed a heavy feast of a main meal? And while you may have deluded yourself into feeling very satisfied indeed, did you not feel rather tired instead. Such are the symptoms of consuming a diet rich in gluten. Wheat, alongside rice, is rich in gluten. But quinoa contains no gluten at all. Unlike wheat, quinoa has the natural ability to enrich the body with increased levels of necessary fiber and protein intake.

It is also a positive contributor towards reducing the body’s bad cholesterol levels. And while intolerance to gluten can lead to dramatic weight loss, the quinoa source is healthily ideal for those who need to reduce excess fatty tissue based weight levels. Finally, it is not difficult to adapt the diet when including quinoa to it because it is quick and easy to cook and rather tasty.